epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation is an artists’ platform, founded in September 2013, that has been set up in order to concentrate and disseminate the work of artists in the field of performance art. Having its basis in Athens - Greece, it aims at engaging local artists and the public with activities that incorporate visual performance art. At the same time, epitelesis is actively involved in developing ties with individuals and organizations on an international level, in order to create a supportive structure for the execution of events, the documentation of cultural activities and the promotion of opportunities for performance artists. Through the organization, the Greek word "επιτέλεση" is proposed as the native translation of performance art, in order to familiarize this practice as the ritualistic completion of artistic action and of the body. Our activity has been developing in four main directions:

  • The presentation of a specific artist from abroad by focusing on his/her practice through the series of events “epitelesis presents...” including live performances, public performances, video screenings and lectures

  • The organisation of series of performances promoting the activity of local artists in performance art, actively connecting their practices with the public, the urban setting and the current sociocultural context 

  • The research into diverse exhibitory formats for performance art beyond the live dimension, by exploring its relation to other artistic practices, such as photography or installation

  • The setting up of educational programs and studies, focusing on the development of performance art practices by local and international participants